Aquatic Products

Food, Treats, Tanks, Tank Care


  • Aqua-Plus: Gold fish, tropical fish, bottom feeder pellets and baby fish food
  • Tetra: Gold fish flakes, tropical fish, marine fish, color enhancer and Discus flakes
  • Koi pellets: All sizes
  • Marltons feeding blocks: Vacation and weekend feeders


  • Fish nets
  • Tank ornaments
  • Gravel cleaners
  • Filters and tubing
  • Gravel filters
  • Magnetic tank cleaners
  • Filter floss
  • Tank gravel
  • Heaters
  • Tank lights
  • Thermometers


  • Ordered in per client


  • Tetra products and range
  • Aquadene products and range
  • Pond Medic range
  • Marltons products and range