FAQ's for our Grooming Clients

1What are the parlour hours and booking procedure?
The parlour is open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 17:00 pm and Saturday 8:30 am to 13:45 pm.
We accept bookings telephonically and will schedule your appointment at your convenience and as soon as possible usually within 24 to 48 hours depending on how busy the parlour is.
2Can I book a specific time to have my pet groomed?
Unfortunately it is not possible to book your pet for a specific time within the day of the booking but we request that all animals are dropped off between 8:00 am and 10:00 am. We generally work on a first in first out basis, and do our utmost to finish your pet as soon as possible.
We do our best to accommodate client’s requests and a specific appointment can be arranged as a stand by but this needs to be specified to our reception staff. (Additional charges may apply for this depending on the time requested)
3Can my pet be collected at my home?
Yes, we offer a collection and delivery service, you can contact the reception and arrange a time for the animals to be collected.
When the grooming is completed you will be contacted and a drop off time will be arranged.
4 What if my dog is aggressive to other dogs and staff members or very nervous?
If your dogs is aggressive or very nervous we request that your inform the reception staff at time of booking and a specific time will be arranged with yourself the veterinarian and parlour manager to evaluate your dog.
If the dog is deemed to be too aggressive the option exists for the veterinarian to sedate the dog to enable safe grooming for the dog and staff. In many cases only a muzzle may be required to ensure parlour staff is not in danger. Sedation is also available for dogs that are very nervous and the same procedure as above is followed.
5 Does Pet Savers groom cats?
We groom cats on a very regular basis but only on a specific appointment as all cats are required to be sedated by the veterinarian. We have found over time that it is extremely stressful for cats to be groomed while awake as very few are used to the sounds of a working parlour as well as the danger of being cut while the grooming takes place.
The veterinarian will evaluate the cat and sedate it and monitor during sedation and on completion reverse the sedation drugs to ensure the cat is awake as soon as possible.(Veterinary fees are charged for this sedation). Please note that your cat may be disorientated for a period after waking up and we recommend that the cat is kept indoors for 24 hours.
6How am I informed that my pet can be collected?
We will call you as soon as your pet is finished and ready to go home. We try to make every pet’s visit to our parlour as pleasant as possible and will do our utmost to make the experience as pleasant as possible.
7What happens when my pet is dropped off?
Your pet is dropped off and put into a cage on arrival. Specific identification as well as instructions for grooming are noted on the animal’s identification board and attached to the cage.
The washer will then take your pet to the washing area to be washed and then goes onto the drying table to be dried.
The pet then goes back into a cage to wait for a groomer to do the hair grooming, if no grooming of hair is required the pet is then ready to be collected.
We pamper the pets and ensure that all pets are given water and are taken out for a toilet run.
8Can I see my pet being groomed?
Yes, if you would like to see your pet being groomed we welcome this. Just kindly ask the receptionist and one of them will walk through with you. We just try to do it in such a manner that your pet can not see you as they then get very excited and it becomes very difficult to groom them as they then want to be with you or would wonder why you are leaving without them.
9What experience do your groomers have?
Our groomers are all professional groomers with over 10 years of experience and are all animal lovers. This is something that we are very strict with when employing staff.
Our staff are also trained to notice behaviour out of the ordinary and be observant to skin/coat problems like hot spots or infections and will notify our receptionist straight away if they pick up on anything so that you can be informed of the pet’s problem. In a case where a groomer accidentally cuts or injures a pet, they will inform the receptionist or Veterinarian straight away and the owner will be informed as soon as possible. A pet may be injured if very active or nervous as they do not sit still for the groomer.
10What precautions do you take to prevent disease spreading?
We take great care to ensure that we have best equipment for your pet to ensure that your pet has the optimal and safest grooming experience possible. An example includes the fact that our geysers have been turned down so the dogs can not be washed in water that is to hot.

All services and equipment is sanitised regularly. The tables are sanitised in between pets grooming and all shampoo is mixed fresh in the mornings and thrown out at the end of the day if it is not used. We never let diluted shampoo sit out for more than 8 hours, so that bacteria does not have a chance to grow. Towels are used once only and then washed, they are never reused. All towels are bleached and washed in a hypoallergenic soap so it doesn’t irritate the skin. We vacuum multiple times a day. The blades are cleaned after every use. Cages are cleaned as soon as the pet leaves the cage and/or if a toilet accident occurs. We spray the cages and floors with Flego everyday to ensure a flea and tick free environment.

Your pet will be genuinely loved by us. You can have confidence that we will never handle your pet roughly or detrimentally and we will never ever hit your pet. Our front of house staff are all trained in nutrition and flea treatment so that we can work with you to solve potential problems that arise to make your pet’s quality of life better.
11What is your pricing policy?
Please note that we try to keep out pricing as low as possible and that we do have a yearly increase depending on the rate of inflation at the time All prices are available from reception but please note that a surcharge may be charged if a pet is heavily knotted or badly matted. We can not quote accurately over the phone until we can see what the grooming entails.

If your pet is family to you, like they are to us, well, welcome home!

Kind regards, from the team at Petsavers.
If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to send us a message.

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