Each of our staff have pets of their own, whom they love and cherish. They know what it’s like to bring their pets to the vet, to have them sterilised, or to have them visit a grooming parlour for the first time. It is our mission to make your pet feel at home with us to treat them as our own.


Dr Brett Lourens

Dr Brett Lourens

Dr Brett graduated from Onderstepoort in 1993 with a BVSc degree. He initially practiced in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal and his work included small animals, large farm animals as well as game animals. He relocated to Somerset West and in 2003 opened Pet Savers.


Brett’s veterinary philosophy is to provide his patients with the best possible treatment and will have no hesitation to refer if he believes they require specialist treatment. Brett has loved animals from a very early age. His experience assisting at veterinary clinics since his teenage years convinced him to become a veterinarian.


He has his “human” family Ashley and Darrian assisting him with their expertise, making Pet Savers truly a family business. He is a father to a kitty child too, a magnificent Norwegian cat named Rocky and grandfather to Foxy a ultra-friendly rescue doggie.

Dr. Gail Lombardi

BSc, BVSc Veterinarian

Dr Gail Lombardi

Dr Gail grew up on a farm riding horses before she could walk. This fostered her love for animals and inspired her to make the decision to become a veterinarian.


She can’t imagine her life without her cats and horses, and she strives to provide quality medical care to all her patients big and small.


Keana Groenewald

Part-Time Veterinary Receptionist & Clinical Assistant

Kirsten Good

Veterinary Receptionist & Clinical Assistant

Mara Steyn

Veterinary Receptionist & Clinical Assistant

Mara has been with us for 18+ years. Her knowledge and experience has been very valuable to our team. At home she has a Border Collie named Koda and 5 beautiful cats named Sylvi, Patchi, Hope, Iso and Sashi. When she isn't helping animals she enjoys spending time with family and watching series.

Esmeri Painter

Practice & Marketing Manager

Esmeri has been working in the pet industry for 5+ years. At home she has a Belgian Malinois named Raffie, and a rescue cat named Tigress. In her free time she enjoys exploring the country, reading and snorkeling.



Pet Hair Stylist

Claudine has been making pets beautiful for more than 30 years and has been with Pet Savers since the beginning. At home she has a cat named Felix, and in her free time she enjoys taking a drive around the mountain on her motorbike.


Pet Hair Stylist

After spending her day giving your pet a make-over, Lorraine enjoys spending quality time with her family and her beloved Pitbull, Chico. She has 25+ years of experience grooming cats and dogs, and loves what she does.



With 2 cats named Abby and A Moon, and 3 dogs named, Roxy, Romeo and Juliet, Shaun is no doubt an animal lover. He has been working with animals for 12+ years and when he isn't at work he is either at the gym, watching a movie or enjoying the outdoors.


Groomer & Driver

Admire has a beautiful Pitbull named Luke and after work he enjoys watching soccer. He has been working with animals for 13+ years and will gladly come pick up and drop off your dogs if they need a wash and you are unable to bring them to us.