Pet Savers grooming parlour is designed to give your pooches and kitties a luxury spa experience. The Pet Savers parlour is veterinary-led, which means that our staff do more than just groom your pet. They call in the vet when they notice an ear infection, an injury, a skin abnormality, or allergy before they start grooming.



With over 30 years of experience amongst them, the groomers and stylists at our parlour are experts in a variety of cuts and styles.



Treat your pets with a good revitalising wash, nail trim, toothbrush and style. 

It will  make all the neighbourhood dogs jealous.


Can’t get those busy bodies to the parlour? We do pick up and drop offs!

Our grooming services

Winter/summer cut

Our most popular seasonal cut options. A winter cut is the longest possible shave and a summer cut is the shortest. We do offer other lengths depending on your needs.

scissor cut

If you want your dog's hair cut with precision, then a scissor cut is for you. Our trained pet hair stylists are capable of doing various styles and are happy to take the time to make sure your pet looks fabulous.

nails and toothbrush

These two services are included with any summer/winter cut or scissor cut. All you need to do is to tell us that you would like this done. Only need your pet's nails done? No problem, just give us a call and we will tell you what time to come by.

wash and blow dry

We take special care to ensure your pet has a pleasant experience in our pet spa. Our professional staff make sure that the water temperature is perfect and if your pet doesn't like the dryer, we will towel dry them.

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