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Pet Savers veterinary consultation rooms was opened in 2003 at the Somerset Mall Triangle and was one of the first veterinary establishments that catered for all the pets needs including veterinary services.

Dr Lourens is the Owner and Veterinarian that has been here since the opening of Petsavers. His dedication to his practice is never ending. As a pet owner himself, he knows how important it is to have your pet well looked after and give the best treatment that is possible.

Dr Gail Lombardi has been with us since 2010. She also has many of her own pets. From cats and dogs to horses. As a horse owner she knows how difficult it can be for horses to be treated by a veterinarian. So we offer this veterinary service as we understand the responsibility of a horse owner.

For any more questions, please read our FAQ Section.

Vet FAQ's

Our Services Are:

• Consultation of small animals (Dogs, cats, birds and rodents).

• Consultation of large animals (farm animals including horses).

• Small and large animal surgery.

• Analysis of samples in house as well as using internationally recognised laboratories.

• Export Health certification.

• Micro chipping of small and large animals.

• Nutritional and weight advise for small animals.

• Collection of dogs and cats with veterinary needs.

• House consultations.
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